"I love what I do and I am honored to share my learnings with those I work with."

— Anneli Collins


What people say about me



I enjoyed the dialogue style of our conversations.  They gave me a lot of space to encourage reflection and to gain insight in the patterns I had not seen within myself.



Disciplined Approach

Anneli’s coaching style is clear, concise and very supportive.  I feel I can be open with her and that I can trust that she will be honest and nonjudgmental.  I have learned to address issues in the workplace with a more thoughtful and disciplined approach and to stop when I feel reactive to allow for the time to respond in a more reflective and measured manner. 

- Director of Interiors for a Global Architectural and Design Firm


Business Consulting
Creating a Business Plan for a Global Architectural and Design Firm

Anneli created a safe space where open and honest communication could happen.  It allowed individuals to be heard, for brainstorming to happen without judgement or opinion.  She facilitated the conversations and helped us reflect deeply so that we could get to the core of our department’s mission and vision.