Building Trust:  Trust is paramount to building relationships and to connecting with others in a genuine way.  We will work to gain an understanding of what trust means to you and how you can effectively gain trust from others.

Growing with Feedback:  Learn how to ask and give feedback more often and consistently will offer your employees more immediate growth. 

Listening to Connect:  Develop listening skills to bypass your biases, perceptions and interpretations and to better enhance your ability to focus on someone’s point of view and not your own.

Rules of Engagement Skills:  Shift the outcome of a meeting with shared ownership and shared rules to diminish finger pointing.

Managing Focus and Attention:  Improve thinking and reflection to gain more insights, create new brain patterns for better habit building.

Conversational Skills:  Explore how conversations can open and influence relationships.

Productive Conflict:  Learn how to self-manage social and emotional threats before they escalate.

Purpose and Value:  Learn to connect your goals with your inner sense of self.

Mindfulness in Leadership: Direct experience allows for restful alertness, effortless attention, and responsiveness to make better decisions.

Enneagram for Team Building: Your focus on attention, core beliefs, coping strategies and how your behaviors impact others leads to conscious collaborations with others.