I often hear from leaders that coaching is a luxury, or since they are leaders, it is perceived internally that leaders should know how to lead.  After all, that is why they were hired in the first place.  The hard reality in the workplace today is that the largest population of workers, the Baby Boomers, are transitioning out of their businesses and being replaced by young leaders who do not have the adage of time and experience to lead these businesses successfully.  Investing in Leadership Development is becoming the differentiator for companies to compete. 

 In the January 2009 edition of the Harvard Business Review, “What Experts Say, The Coaching Industry:  A Work in Progress,” by Ram Charan, he states “Coaching became popular over the past five years because companies faced a shortage of talent and were concerned about turnover among key employees. Firms wanted to signal their commitment to developing their high-potential executives, so they hired coaches. At the same time, business people needed to develop not just quantitative capabilities but also people-oriented skills, and many coaches are helpful for that. As coaching has become more common, any stigma attached to receiving it at the individual level has disappeared. Now, it is often considered a badge of honor.”

The success and power of coaching is that it brings a process to thinking, planning, deciding, and doing.  Instead of just talking or ruminating about issues in the workplace, you are systematically walking through a framework that forces you to clarify an objective, explore new options, make firm decisions, and become accountable to act on your choices.

My Coaching/Consulting Sessions can be designed to individual or group preferences based on the Area of Focus. I can work one-on-one, individually, or in groups. If I work with you individually, I recommend hourly sessions once a week for twelve weeks. This time commitment allows enough time to set goals and strategies, and to implement actions. In addition, I offer group presentations, interactive workshops, webinars, and ongoing peer group sessions based on your company needs.