My Business Consulting practice is offered to the Furniture Contract Industry, inclusive of Architecture and Interior Design companies.  I evaluate projects and determine scope and schedules, facilitate workshops and peer-to-peer groups. I utilize Neuroscience, the Enneagram, and Conversational Intelligence in my work.


“To develop leadership is less about learning new skills and more about unlearning habits and breaking free from limiting mindsets we have already acquired.”  —Peter Hawkins


Leadership Development: The workplace offers a variety of unresolved issues to work through, such as, conflict resolution, complex decision making, feedback discussions, performance management, just to name a few.  In a series of sessions, I will work with you by leveraging Neuroscience research, to develop leadership skills to build trust with your team, to achieve conversations for connection, to give and receive feedback that motivates change.

I offer related business consulting services including:

Business Succession Planning: The best time to plan your exit strategy is as you are forming your business.

Sales Consulting: Sales people become top performers when they form better relationships with their clients.

Visioning: Businesses succeed when their established culture is based in TRUST.

Marketing Analysis and Marketing Plan Creation: Knowing what your customer is saying about your business, products, service, and people will dramatically drive up your business revenue.

Business Development Strategies: Effective goal pursuit is integral to organizational success.

Peer Groups:  Create a safe haven for Peer Leaders to be able to challenge each other with diverse perspectives and offer and receive unfiltered feedback.