Structured Path

Coaching is delivered within a structured framework, working within a series of twelve coaching sessions, establishing clear and specific goals, strategies and action steps.

This structure supports you to maximize the use of your working memory, especially when embedding new wiring for new healthy habits.  Neuroscience research shows that to do things differently, like changing a habit that is not serving you, your brain requires a lot of energy to think and reflect.  Having a familiar structure for coaching conversations allows you to focus on your thinking rather than on what might happen next.



This type of Coaching helps you answer your own questions through reflection, using a Socratic (provoking questions) approach, rather than directing or advising.  I explore your words, thoughts, and feelings for meaning that resonate for you by asking questions, such as, “What does trust mean to you? What is your thinking behind this idea? What are you afraid might happen?” Reflecting on your answers will open up new ways of thinking for you that will motivate you to move forward.



This is Coaching that sets your sights on where you want to be and systematically working towards that end, focuses all the time on the solutions and not the problems.  The brain gets motivated by reward.  Focusing on solutions is the reward.  Aspirational solutions are what dreams are made of.  Reframing a problem into an opportunity opens up the creative space in the brain to expand, discover, and develop new ideas.  Problems live in the past.  Solutions live in the present and future.



Stretch Coaching offers challenge for peak performance by giving you a chance to develop your thinking along new lines, and by supporting you to take actions to do things differently.  The brain likes challenge, not too great to be overwhelming, not enough to be underwhelming, just enough to keep it interesting and motivating.  I call it positive stress. I may ask you to go an extra step in an action to be taken, which will keep you engaged and alert.  For example, instead of taking action on an issue that is familiar to you, I will ask you to reflect on it differently, from another point of view, in a way that will stretch you further than you thought possible.



Coaching is about providing positive reinforcement, encouragement, and support that grows your confidence and performance. Too often we are first given feedback that is negative and critical.  Or, we are given feedback weeks or months after the event.  This negative reinforcement shuts down the area of the brain that focuses on creativity, strategy, and compassion.  Each session I will ask you to reflect on your accomplishments from the week prior.  Acknowledgement and encouragement creates a positive feeling that will open up the brain to creativity and new ways of thinking.  Positive feedback signals the brain to lock in habits that are working towards accomplishing your goals.